UPDATE: Damn. We finished $63 short of our $7.3 billion dollar goal. Read what we learned from a 99.999% successful campaign.

Build A 300-Mile Wall Around SF During Burning Man

by Cultivated Wit

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A community effort to construct a 300-mile wall in one week and prevent Burning Man attendees from returning to the Bay Area.

San Francisco, Ca
Cultivated Wit
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About Cultivated Wit

About This Project

We want to help Burning Man attendees continue their favorite week of the year, and allow them to keep experiencing the genuine community and deep connections they can only feel while at Burning Man. To do this, we will build a 300-mile wall around the entire Bay Area during Burning Man.

For the rest of us, what’s normally our favorite week of the year… lasts forever!

Where Will My Money Go?

We’ll use 100% of the 7.3 billion dollars to buy state-of-the-art wall supplies. All work will be completed on a volunteer basis.

Who Will Build It?

You! And us. And millions of others who stay on the San Francisco side of the wall. Through the process of coming together for one ambitious week of working together, we can forge a more idyllic Bay Area community. We can return to our lives as better people. How amazing does that sound?

What Will The Wall Look Like?

The Burning Man Wall will look like this.

What Supporters Are Saying?

“I love the idea of this wall. This wall is going to be a really awesome wall!”
– Maggie Reed

“All I’ve ever wanted is the opportunity to set my regular life aside and spend a week being a part of something truly collaborative, communal, and inspiring. Now I finally have that chance!”
– Artillery Thornbloom

“It’s moonshots like this that inspired me to start my own company. Can I tell you about my company?”
– Luke Richards

“It’s idealism and ambition like this that makes San Francisco so great! Plus, all those Afterburn parties get pretty annoying, right?”
– Mayor Ed Lee

Risks And Challenges

Building a 300-mile wall in one week will be difficult, but if we can get just 50% of the Bay Area population (minus Burning Man attendees) we’ll have about 3.5 million volunteer wall builders. That’s less than half a foot of wall per person!

We’ve called around to local suppliers and hardware stores and it seems like we shouldn’t have trouble finding enough materials to get this job done.


$100 – Wall Support
Get your very own "I Wall SF" T-shirt!

$500 – Cement Mixer
Donate $500 and you’ll get to operate a cement mixer for one hour. Fun!

$5,000 – Desktop Backer
Aren’t able to take the week off? Donate $5,000 and receive your own desktop wall.

$10,000 — Foreman Level
We'll make you a foreman of your own quarter-mile stretch of wall construction. Manage your crew of volunteers, handle any engineering emergencies, and take pride in the final product knowing you helped make it possible.

$50,000 – “Up All Night's Watch” Party
We'll throw a party up atop the wall on the night of completion. Stay up all night and see firsthand the look on those Burners faces when they arrive at the wall on I-80. Winter is coming… and it won’t bring Burners!

$1,000,000 – Your Own Section Of Wall
Get everything above plus a quarter-mile stretch of wall all to your own. Advertise your business, commemorate loved ones, or paint a mural. It's completely up to you!

$1,000,000,000 – Cornerstone Level – 2 Available
You’ll lay the first cinder block in either Point Reyes or Santa Cruz.